HolisticSmiles: Healthy teeth, healthy bodies

Holistic, health-based dentistry, concerns itself with achieving health via bio-compatible dental materials, and non-surgical periodontal gum therapies. Using natural remedies to fight bacterial and viral infections, complements traditional approaches to dentistry. This whole-body approach provides the best possible outcomes for those persons looking to recover from diseases like Cancers and Auto-immune disorders. Likewise, this approach also offers the healthy patient , healthy choices when maintaining, or restoring their Mouths. “dental health, is Medical Health”
Dr. Len Fazio of Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York, specializes in Mercury-free, mercury-safe, family and Sports dentistry. Metal-free restorations offer toxic-free options with unsurpassed esthetics.
For more information contact Dr. Len Fazio, DDS at his website: http://www.HolisticSmiles.com in Port Jefferson, NY


About drfaziotheholisticdentist

Long Island, New York's most experienced Holistic Dentist specializing in Mercury-safe practice, and Sports Dentistry, in Port Jefferson, NY. Official Team Dentist of the Long Island Lizards of the MLL. Mercury-free fillings, Biological Root Canals, Metal-free crowns, bridges, and Implants, Ozone dentistry, Nutritional counselling for health and detoxification, Intergrative Oral Medicine and Surgery. New York Jets season ticket holder since 1978. Soccer, Lacrosse, football, and basketball coach.
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